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About Us

After working for international high end fashion houses. Sarah decided to start a store on a popular US marketplace for handmade goods – selling what she has always loved jewellery. Through word of mouth and wonderful reviews by customers all over the world, the business grew rapidly. Fashion Dezine became one of the fastest growing stores of 2012. We even became the top 1% of sellers, as reported by the ecommerce analytics, Marketplace Pulse.

Our Passion

At Fashion Dezine, we are committed to producing demi-fine high quality handcrafted jewellery that not only looks good but feels good too. Along the way, this focus on fashion has helped us develop a strong sense of style and design while still keeping true to our core values. We believe everyone deserves access to beautiful jewelry – which is why we work directly with ethical manufacturers and resource providers so no one gets left behind in terms of pricing!

We have made it our mission at Fashion Dezine to create pieces that don’t just look great; they feel fantastic too because every woman should be able wear what she wants without feeling guilty or inadequate about her choices. This dedication adds up for all who come into contact with Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Behind our Jewellery

Jewellery is a beautiful art form. It lets us express our love for the craft, while giving women of all backgrounds and cultures an opportunity to find joy in their own skin or reach goals that they may have set themselves. Our jewellery ranges from silver with gold fillings which can be worn everyday without breaking the bank! So come on down today and let yourself experience life at Jewels by Revista!”

Jewelry provides people around the world with one more outlet within which we are able to share our passion for high-quality pieces as well as make others happy through gifts filled with meaning. We specialize in making 100% 925 sterling silver jewelry alongside gold-filled options so you’re sure never go wrong when picking your next piece[Jewellery is a space for you to express your individuality and find joy in who you are. We provide affordable, high-quality pieces that reflect the diversity of modern women’s lives – from style conscious businesswomen and mothers alike. This way both men and women have an investment piece they can wear every day with confidence!

Fashion Dezine is a company committed to creating the most unique, high-quality products every time. They believe that jewellery should be available for all individuals and they are dedicated to making sure their prices remain fair by working with ethical manufacturers who do not overprice items.

Boundless and borderless

We are proud to have amazing and loyal customers from all over the world. By providing affordably priced high quality jewelry, we want you to find freedom in expressing yourself. Wherever you are in this wide-world, whether it be US soil or Europe – don’t forget Canada too! We hope that wherever your journey takes you our products will always brighten up even the darkest of days with a little sparkle here and there.

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